Advantec Is Now A Part of Oasis Outsourcing

Only a healthy business can grow and health radiates from a strong heart.  Advantec's Human Capital Management Solutions help high performance organizations achieve operational excellence by bolstering the heart of their business, human resources and administrative services.  Through our Kardiant HCM solution, we provide a strategic approach to manage streamline workflows with flexible, on-demand integrated and scalable solutions built to grow with your business.

Advantec has been ensuring healthy environments for business growth since 1998.

Oasis outsourcing acquires advantec

Advantec is now a part of Oasis Outsourcing, the nation's largest privately-held PEO.  Clients will have access to expanded servicve and product offerings.  Click here to read more.

What We Do

A comprehensive transactional and compliant system is the starting point for any organization evaluating its HCM solution. Compliance is critical and the volume of legislative change with high price tags and large risk makes transactional systems more important than ever.

About Us

Advantec is now an Oasis Outsourcing company.  Oasis Outsourcing is one of the nation's largest PEOs, servicing more than 4,000 clients nationwide. We provide HR administration, employee benefits, payroll services, workers’ compensation and much more. Our HR-related products and services allow small and medium-sized businesses to compete with those offered by Fortune 500 companies.

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