Advantec Establishes Mirror Production Site

October 31, 2006

Alexis Borucke

Advantec, a national provider of managed human resource services, announced today the completion of a multi-million dollar hardware upgrade to its technology systems and the creation of a high security technology center. In this extensive upgrade Advantec has included disaster recovery features which will provide exceptional protection for Advantec clients.

The center contains a Powerware Uninterruptible Power Supply which protects Advantec’s entire infrastructure from power interruptions or surges. Through this new system, Advantec can maintain a 99.5% up-time rate on all critical business systems. Advantec’s entire processing facility is wired to a generator via an automatic transfer switch. The generator will sustain Advantec’s systems indefinitely with refueling.

The system upgrade was designed with a focus on client support. Features of the new system include built-in redundancies, fault tolerance, and auto-failover – all configured to significantly reduce the risk of non-scheduled down-time for Advantec clients. Advantec’s high security technology center also includes a dry pipe FM-200 fire suppression system and redundant Liebert HV Air Conditioning units which maintain proper operating temperature within the center.

“A provider of business process services should be prepared with a solid business continuance and disaster recovery plan. As part of our commitment to provide best-in-class technology and service to our clients, Advantec’s systems are supported by a high availability secured data center and by business continuance and disaster recovery plans that are state of the art,” said Pat Goepel, Advantec’s CEO.

“We recognize that our clients require access to their vital data at all times. By partnering with Advantec, our clients are able to leverage this plan to support their key human resources functions, even in an emergency situation. We have planned to protect clients from the risks of a loss of data and operations ability,” continued Mr. Goepel. “I would recommend that any company reliant on an outsourcing provider for an essential business function inquire about their provider’s business continuance and disaster recovery plans. At Advantec, we are committed to providing our clients proper protection and support.”

About Advantec
Advantec integrates, develops and supports human resources business solutions for companies nationwide. Advantec provides advanced products and exceptional services to co-employment markets, and human resources outsourcing and management services in select markets. Advantec’s adaptable tools and technologies, combined with their consolidated service providers and on-demand consulting services, enable Advantec’s clients to concentrate on top business priorities. Advantec is proud to partner with companies that provide best-in-class products to their clients, including Aetna, AIG, BNA, Cigna, Oracle and Wachovia.

For more information please visit or call 1-877-ADVANTEC.

Note to editors: Advantec is a registered trademark of Agency Solutions International, Inc.


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